break of dawn

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break of dawn 是流行之王-邁克爾傑克遜2001年的專輯《萬夫莫敵》(《Invincible》)中的一首歌曲。
Invincible為Michael Jackson成年後正式發行的第七張個人專輯
美國R&B/Hip-Hop專輯榜:#1 (4周)
Break Of Dawn 黎明破曉
Hold my hand, feel the touch of your body cling to mine 握住我的手,感受我的身體與你緊貼在一起的觸感
You and me, making love all the way through another night 你和我,纏綿做愛在如此的美妙的黑夜
I remember you and I walking though the park at night 想起你我夜晚在公園的漫步
Kiss and touch, nothing much, let it blow just touch and go 無須太多,只要讓風拂過我們深情的熱吻和愛撫
Michael Jackson

  Michael Jackson

Love me more, never leave me alone by house of love 更愛我,別讓我孤獨
People talk, people say what we have is just a game 總有閑言碎語,說我們無非是在遊戲
Oh, I』ll never let you go, come here girl 但我絕不讓你走,到我身邊來
Just got to make sweet love 『till the break of dawn 如此良宵,只屬於你我
I don』t want the sun to shine I wanna make love 我不要天亮,只想留住這美好夜晚
Just this magic in your eyes and in my heart這份魔力,在你眼中閃爍,在我心中奏響
I don』t know what I』m gonna do I can』t stop loving you 沒有你的愛,我將不知所措
I won』t stop till break of dawn making』 love 與你纏綿,直到黎明破曉
Hold my hand, feel the sweat, 握緊我的手
yes you』ve got me nervous yet, 心跳在加速
Let me groove, let me soothe, 讓我來起舞,讓我來撫慰
let me take you on a cruise 讓我帶你到處去漫遊
There』s imagination working
never been there before
Have you ever wanted to dream 你是否曾經夢想
about those places you』ve never know 那些你從未去過的地方
Break of dawn, there』s no sun up in the sky 破曉時分,天空還沒有太陽
Break of dawn, I can see it in your eyes 破曉時分,我可以在你眼中看到晨曦的光芒
Break of dawn, girl you got to understand 破曉時分,女孩你要了解
It』s the way that I love you, 這就是我愛你的方式
let me show you I』m your man 我就是你的唯一
Break of dawn 讓我證明給你看
[CHORUS x 2]
Let』s not wait, the sun is out, let』s get up and let』s get out 朝陽升起,我們外出遊玩
It』s the day, a brand new day, let』s both go outside and play 新的一天已經來到,
Let us walk down the park, making love till it』s dark 讓我們再到公園去漫步,繼續我們的纏綿和愛戀
Can you move, can you soothe, 你能來嗎,你能撫平我心中的創傷
『Till the break of dawn 直到破曉時分
And you know it』s true, oh 你會知道這就是真愛