Fade To Black

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1 Fade To Black -Fade To Black


Patrick Paulson / Michael John Warren


Memphis Bleek

2 Fade To Black -劇情梗概

Once-in-a-Lifetime演唱會的現場演出,這是格萊美獎獲得者Jay-Z的多白金現場演唱會的最後一場演出,地點在紐約麥迪遜廣場花園。Hip-Hop屆至尊地位的Jay-Z在這最後一場個人演唱會中也帶來了陣容豪華的流行樂壇的嘉賓,同台獻藝的有 Beyonce,Missy Elliot,Mary J. Blige,R. Kelly 和 Foxy Brown,還有P. Diddy 和 Kanye West的露面。


3 Fade To Black -歌詞

Fade to black(在黑暗中消融)
life it seems, will fade away 生命彷彿即將凋謝
drifting further every day 每一天我都在四處漂蕩
getting lost within myself 迷失自我
nothing matters no one else 所有事都無關緊要 所有人都無關緊要
I have lost the will to live 我失去了活下去的意願
simply nothing more to give 沒有什麼值得付出
there is nothing more for me 也沒有什麼值得我留戀
need the end to set me free 我只想結束 只求解脫
things are not what they used to be 事情不像以前那樣
missing one inside of me 迷失內心的自我
deathly lost, this can't be real 死之迷失 也顯得不再真實
cannot stand this hell I feel 無法再忍受地獄般的世界
emptiness is filing me 空虛快要將我吞沒
to the point of agony 痛苦到了極點
growing darkness taking dawn 漸濃的黑暗慢慢吞噬黎明
I was me, but now he's gone 曾經的我已經不復存在
no one but me can save myself, but it to late 我本可以拯救自己 但已經都太遲了
now I can't think, think why I should even try 現在我不能思考繼續掙扎的意義
yesterday seems as though it never existed 昨日彷彿不曾存在
death greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye 死亡向我發出溫暖的問候 我只想說聲再見